2019 Art Submission Guidelines

Priority deadline: Friday, October 18, 2019
Final deadline: Friday, October 25, 2019

Due to space restrictions, we strongly suggest artists complete and submit the Art Submission Form below by the priority deadline to be considered for the auction. We cannot guarantee that there will be available slots after the priority date.

Please read the submission guidelines in full and check back soon for up-to-date information.

  • Art should be 2D and ready to hang (hooks and other hanging materials will be provided, but frames will not) or 3D and ready for display—please be sure to include accurate dimensions in your submission form

  • Artists should plan to transport their piece(s) to the venue—more details about drop-off timeline coming soon

  • Artists may submit up to three original pieces; however, each piece should have its own submission form

  • An image of each piece should be emailed to art@lavenderrightsproject.org after the form as been submitted (photos of multiple pieces can be sent in the same email, but please name the files accordingly)

  • Artists who submit by the priority deadline of October 18, 2019 will be notified of submission acceptance or denial by October 21, 2019; Artists who submit by the final deadline of October 25, 2019 will be notified by October 28, 2019

  • Lavender Rights Project reserves the right to exclude pieces based on:

    • Number of submissions

    • Venue limitations

    • Content that promotes anti-blackness, racism, xenophobia, ableism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, and/or otherwise oppressive systems that are not in alignment with the organization’s core values of social justice and liberation

    • Other factors which will be communicated directly to the artist by LRP staff

  • Note: While we will not ask for the identities of artists who submit a form, we would like this auction to focus on supporting the experiences, realities, and talents of LGBTQ+ folks. Please be mindful of this when submitting art for this event.

Art Submission Form

Contact Information
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Display Information - Artist
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Display Information - Art
Artists now have the option to set a 'Buy Now' price, which allows attendees to pay full price for an art piece rather than bidding in the silent auction. 'Buy Now' prices should better reflect the true value of your art piece. Once an attendee purchases a piece at the 'Buy Now' price, the piece will no longer be available to bid on. Artists are not required to set a 'Buy Now' price, and pieces without a 'Buy Now' price will not have a 'Buy Now' option.
Donation Information
We offer sliding scale options for artists. Please mark the appropriate option below for your submission. *
Artists who attend the 2nd Annual LGBTQ Art Auction may revisit their donation percentage based on how their art sells. Artists who are not in attendance will not have the option to change their donation amount.
Additional Information
Are you interested in being featured on our blog leading up to the event? *
Are you interested in having additional art for sale during the LGBTQ Artist Reception on November 2? *
Event details available at www.lavenderrightsproject.org/art
Are you interested in selling additional art at a booth during the 2nd Annual LGBTQ Art Auction on November 9? *
Event details available at www.lavenderrightsproject.org/art
We are hosting a month-long exhibition where art from the Art Auction will be displayed in the Hillman City Collaboratory throughout November. If accepted, are you interested in featuring your art in this exhibition? *