As a grassroots organization, the Lavender Rights Project aims to always center the needs of the community first.

As the Lavender Rights Project moves to restructure our leadership and Board of Directors, the Board Search Committee and staff are going back to the organization’s foundation to determine the short- and long-term goals and priorities we should be focusing on — and that foundation is the community.

We are committed to providing a broad range of opportunities for community members to share their experiences, discuss their values and needs, and contribute to the growth and direction of the Lavender Rights Project. Whether you were able to attend our Open House or take our survey online, your contributions will have a direct impact on how our organization connects with and serves the greater community.

Ways to provide feedback:


1. Take our survey online or by phone.

Community members can complete the survey below to provide feedback about:

  • identifying pressing issues for the queer and trans community

  • effectively cultivating relationships between non-profit organizations and community members

  • making legal services as accessible as possible

  • implementing non-traditional leadership structures that serve the community first

If you plan to take the survey over the phone, please contact us to schedule a time.

2. Speak with a Board Search Committee member.

If you would prefer to have a conversation (as opposed to or in addition to completing the survey), you may schedule a time to speak with a Board Search Committee member over the phone or in-person before Saturday, November 3. Please contact us to schedule a time to speak.


Community Survey

Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability. Your answers will remain completely anonymous.

For which of the following types of legal services would you like to see LRP providing help?
Check all that apply.
There are many barriers, both personal and systemic, that keep people from pursuing legal help in times of need. Answer each question accordingly.
There are many barriers, both personal and systemic, that keep people from pursuing legal help in times of need. Answer each question accordingly.
Lack of awareness of my legal options and rights is a major barrier for me.
Fear of discrimination based on my identities is a major barrier for me.
Communication is a major barrier for me. (speaking a different language, not understanding legal terminology)
Access to services is a major barrier for me. (hours of operation, transportation, childcare)
Money is a major barrier for me.
Choose three (3) attributes you would prioritize when selecting members to serve on the Board of Directors for the Lavender Rights Project.
Please only choose three.
How would you like to get involved with the Lavender Rights Project?
Check all that apply.


Open House

Saturday, 10/6/18, 12:00-2:00pm
2425 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134
- off 6th Ave S and Lander St
Raffles ∙ Resources ∙ Refreshments

Join the Lavender Rights Project for our first Open House, where you can drop in to learn more about our organization, meet staff and community leaders involved in our major initiatives, and provide your input on how we can best serve the community.

Parking / public transportation

Street parking is available on 6th Ave S and our office is located around the corner from the SODO Link Station and the Lander Street SODO Busway stop.


The Lavender Rights Project is committed to providing access, equal opportunity, and accommodations in our services and programs. Below are details regarding the event space:

  • Front doorway is 36” wide

  • Two gender-neutral single-stall restrooms, one doorway is 28.5” wide, the other is 27” wide

  • Repair Revolution’s satellite shop (which will also be utilized for this event) has a large garage-style door that can be opened as needed; the doorway from the Lavender Rights Project’s office to Repair Revolution is 42” wide

  • Lavender Rights Project and Repair Revolution are not currently scent-free spaces

To request interpretation services or additional accommodations, please contact us at (206)639-7955 or in advance.