Lavender Rights Project is committed to addressing the intersections of oppression that impact queer and trans communities, and our projects address intersectional oppression through community organizing and coalition building with other organizations to create social change.


The Reckoning Trade Project

The Reckoning Trade Project aims to train, educate, and retain non-traditional blue-collar workers from a community-based framework that addresses intersections of oppression from a legal, systemic, and historical approach focusing on women, transgender, and gender non-conforming people.


Coalition for Transgender Prisoners

The Coalition for Transgender Prisoners (CTP) addresses the violence, denial of healthcare, and violation of rights that incarcerated trans and gender non-conforming people in Washington State are currently experiencing. If you know someone who may benefit from the work of the coalition, please submit a consultation form on our Contact page or call (206) 639-7955.

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Estate Planning & Clinics

Lavender Rights Project offers comprehensive Estate Planning workshops tailored to the needs of the LGBTQ community while providing folks a place to share their experiences about the impact of end-of-life planning. Our workshops provide information about Wills, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, and more.