Are you interested in contributing to the forward trajectory, vision-building, and sustainability of the Lavender Rights Project? The Board of Directors is a great way to get involved with our organization in a larger capacity, and we’re committed to making our Board accommodating for community members at all financial, educational, and experience levels.

The Lavender Rights Project aims to serve and involve community members — including Board members — in ways that are intentional, conscious, and accessible for folks who are under-represented, especially people at the intersections of LGBTQI+ identity and: anti-blackness, xenophobia, and racism; disability; low-income economic status; and/or experience with incarceration / the legal system.

Please submit completed applications by our extended deadline of Friday, February 15.

about the board

We’re proud to adopt a collective structure for our new Board of Directors, established by a community-based Board Search Committee in 2018. The Board structure aims to provide checks and balances, avoid toxic power hierarchies, and foster participation from community members at various levels.

We are invested in providing leadership development opportunities and various forms of support to Board members, including but not limited to: professional training, educational resources, transportation assistance, technology, and accessibility accommodations.

board structure

The Board of Directors is a collective decision-making body which includes two Co-Chairs, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and additional Board members. Board members will also contribute to, either as a Team Facilitator or Team Member, the following Teams:

  • Finance/Fundraising Team, facilitated by the Treasurer - ensures overall fiscal management of the organization, such as pursuing fundraising and grant opportunities

  • Education Team, facilitated by a Board member - oversees the educational activities of the organization, geared at both increasing community-wide literacy around legal processes and training professionals in the legal community about the legal needs of queer and trans people

  • Outreach Team, facilitated by a Board member - utilizes relationship-building and marketing/outreach strategies to raise awareness about the organization and its services

  • Support Team, facilitated by a Board member - establishes a cohesive program to develop community “membership” within the organization, increasing the community’s investment and involvement with Board Teams and LRP

  • Direct Services Team, facilitated by a Staff member - determines the needs of the community and assesses the organization’s congruence with those needs


term length

Board members serving in the initial year of LRP’s newly-adopted Board structure will serve a term of one (1) year - March 2019 through March 2020. After the completion of the initial year of service, each Board member will have an opportunity to express interest in serving for an additional year.

Following the March 2019 - March 2020 term, all incoming Board members will serve a term of two (2) years.


Monthly meetings will be held by both the Board of Directors and each Board Team on recurring dates/times to be determined by the incoming Board and Team members.

Board members may attend meetings by physical appearance, live electronic or telephonic connection, or by other methods for attending which the Board may define and accept. Board meetings are open to the public unless otherwise approved by the Board for confidential matters.


Please submit an application in one of the following ways on or before our extended deadline of Friday, February 15:

  • Submitting the Google Form application, available here

  • Emailing a completed version of the printable PDF, available here, to (PDF preferred)

  • Mailing a completed version of the printable PDF, available here, to:
    Lavender Rights Project
    2425 6th Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98134


Please direct all questions or concerns to, call our office at (206) 639-7955, or visit us at 2425 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134.